Vol. 9 (№856)

••• biochemistry •••
Guliy O.I., Ignatov O.V., Ignatov V.V. Study of the electrophysical properties of Escherichia coli XL-1 cells at inhibition of cellular metabolism during phage infections 5
Dyubko Т.S., Sidorov V.I., Sokolyk О.А., Ermolenko I.G., Habuseva S.U., Rozhda Yu.Yu., Patsenker L.D. Comparative study of K-35 and К7-1045 fluorescent dyes interaction with rat blood serum proteins 11
Kashkalda D.A., Shlachova N.V., Borysko G.A. Characteristic of the state of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant protection among adolescents with immune alterations from radiation risk families 19
Martynova S.N., Gorbach T.V. The influence of cobalt salts on the energy metabolism indicators in mitochondria of rats nephrocytes 24
Morozova K.S., Verkhusha V.V., Perskiy Ye.E. Fluorescent proteins of the red spectral region 29
Polikarpova A.V., Gorbach T.V. IL-2 influence on the cytokine profile and hormones level in guinea pigs blood serum 39
Redko A.V. Activity of the enzymes catalyzing redox aldehyde transformations in the brain of rats at pubertal age during stress 44
Fylymonenko V.P. The disorders of prooxidant-antioxidant balance in rat vessels, heart and lung under blood heme-containing products accumulation 50
••• genetics  •••
Avksentyeva O.A., Petrenko V.A. Role of the genotype, composition of medium and type of explant in formation of the first callus of wheat isogenic lines 56
Atramentova L.A., Poltorak V.V., Tyzhnenko T.V., Gorshunska M.Yu., Pochernyaev A.K. Paraoxonase 1 gene polymorphism in Kharkiv population 63
Bagatskaya N.V., Nurishad B. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis dermatoglyphic markers in children and adolescents 67
Markova O.A. Repeatability of the clutch size and sex ratio in posterity of the budgerigars Melopsittacus undulatus 74
Montvid P.Yu. Manifestation of bioelectrical properties of cell nuclei in dependence on the leaf tier, nuclei diameter and seeds γ-irradiation treatment in eggplant interspecific hybrids 79
Nesterenko A.M. The role of soma in the formation of capability to thermal parthenogenesis in mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori L. 85
Tverdokhleb E.V. Crossability and fertility of hybrids between wheat forms carrying subgenome G and varieties of bread and durum wheat 89
Fedota A.M., Vinokurova E.I., Bezrodnaya A.I., Atramentova L.A. Populational and genetical characteristics of psoriasis on example of the population of Kharkov 97
••• zoology and ecology •••
Atemasova T.A., Atemasov A.A. Premigratory gathering of Common Crane at southern borders of the range 102
Ivanov S.P. Mechanisms ensured unimpeded exit of young megachilid-bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Megachilidae) from linear nests 108
Kumari Kanchan, Sinha R.C. Acetylcholinesterase activity in the plasma and brain of the frog, Rana tigrina and the toad, Bufo melanostictus following the treatment with carbaryl & methyl parathion 117
Polchaninova N.Yu. A checklist of the spiders (Araneae) of the Kharkov Region (Ukraine) 121
Proshchalykin M.Yu. The long–tongued bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea: Megachilidae, Apidae) of Transbaikalia 136
••• methods •••
Tagirov M.T., Teresсhenko A.V., Artemenko A.B., Teresсhenko L.V. Isolation of embryonic germ cells in birds 143
••• physiology of human and animals •••
Gulka O.V. Sexual peculiarities of physiological adaptation formation of future teachers to the factors of studying activity during pedagogical practice 151
Zovskiy V.N., Bondarenko V.A., Nakonechnaya S.A., Martinenko V.V. The influence of oxyethylized alkyl and isononilphenols on parameters of receptor binding in subacute toxicological experiment 156
Orlova N.V. Influence of lytic medium temperature on antihaemolytic activity of amphiphilic compounds under hypertonic stress of human erythrocytes 162
Pisarenko N.A., Shpakova N.M., Orlova N.V. Antihaemolytic activity of amphiphilic compounds under conditions of hypertonic cryohemolysis of phenylhydrazine-modified mammalian red blood cells 167
••• information •••
The 1st International conference “Drosophila in the Experimental Genetics and Biology” September 15–20 2008 174
Author guidelines 176