Vol. 18 (№1079)

Altuhova L.V., Gritsenko М.А., Kot K.V., Kot J.G., Persky Y.A. Normalization of connective tissue cells and extracellular matrix structural biopolymers in the area of skin local radiation burn by volumetric autofibroblasts transplantation 5
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Kot Yu.G. Change of cytoskeleton actin isoforms spectrum in normal and modified by TGF-β1 fibroblasts at mechanical deformation 29
Amjad Hamdallah, Davydov V.V. Activity of aldehyde catabolism enzymes in postmitochondrial fraction of femoral muscle of rats of different ages 32
Bezrodnova O.V., Loza I.M., Nazarenko N.N. Herbage cover heterogeneity as indicator of ecology-phytocoenotical and biotopical diversity in oak forests 38
Zhezhera M.D. The stages and trends in the study of algae of Left-Bank Polissya (Ukraine) 46
Pasiuga O.S., Antonenko S.P., Komaristaya V.P., Rudas A.N. Variability of cultural and morphological traits of Dunaliella salina Teod. from different habitats 54
••• GENETICS •••
Bodnar I.V., Andreyko O.Y., Bodnar L.S. Identification of changes at the gene level in Salmonella typhimurium by the action of food flavorings 64
Gorohivets N.A., Vedmedeva E.V. Inheritance of testa layer and hypodermis coloring in sunflower pericarp 71
Medzianovska O.V. Determination of the level of spontaneous chromosome abnormalities of the children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis 76
Enass Ghassan Sweedan Comparison of spontaneous mutagenesis level in children of both sexes with depressive disorders 81
Utevska O.M., Agdzhoyan A.T., Balanovska E.V., Atramentova L.A., Balanovsky O.P. The origin of Ukrainian gene pool on Y-chromosomal data 87
Filiptsova О.V. Heritability evaluation of fear emotional states among people of Ukraine 99
Vegerina A.O., Meleshko O.V., Pyrina I.S., Sapoznikova V.O., Biryuk O.V. The determination of the ratio of diploid and triploid green frogs underyearlings from the Pelophylax esculentus complex Seversky Donets diversity center 107
Kuzminov B.P., Dmitrenko G.A., Soldatenko S.S., Zazulyak T.S., Kuzminov A.B. Hygienic regulation of loratadine content in atmospheric air with development of methodology of quantitative determination 114
Kunah O.N., Zhukov A.V., Baljuk Ju.A. The ecomorphic projection of soil mesofauna spatial organization 118
Mikailov T.K., Ibrahimova N.E., Rzayev F.H. Studies on the effect of plant and chemical antihelminthic drugs on Gyrodactylus derjavini (Mikailov, 1975), an ectoparasite of the young Caspian salmon (Salmo trutta caspius Kessler) in fish farms in Azerbaijan 132
Tokarsky V.A. Gophers Spermophilus suslicus (Guldenst., 1769) and Spermophilus pygmaeus (Pallas, 1778) at the junction of their areas (Report 1. Past distribution) 138
Epshtein V.M. From morphology to phylogeny (on the example of study of the fish leeches of Palearctic) 144
Babenko N.A., Milko O.S. Effects of a calorie restricted diet on the insulin-stimulated glucose uptake and content of lipids in skeletal muscle of 24-month-old rats 151
Nosal O.V., Boldyrev О.I., Lyubanova O.P., Shuba Ya.M. Effect of Ni2+ on inactivation properties of wild type (Саv3.1w/t) and mutant (Cav3.1Q172H) calcium channels 161
Pogorila M.S., Zhegunov G.F., Sherbak O.N. The effect of the extract from the embryos of chickens on quantitative changes in the peripheral blood of mice after total single γ-irradiation 164
Suprun A.S. Opportunity for receptor antagonist of interlеukin-1 to prevent neurological complication of pancreatic diabetes 172
Glibovytska N.I. Physical and chemical parameters of small-leaved linden (Tilia cordata Mill.) leaves under urbanized and technogenic growth conditions 180
Timoshenko V.F., Zhmurko V.V. The influence of red light on the growth and carbohydrate content in short-day and neutral lines of soybean 186
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