Vol. 28

Shatynska O.A. The complex influence of magnesium citrate and chromium citrate on the functioning of glutathione defense system in rats’ liver with alloxan diabetes 5
Glibovytska N. Environmental sustainability and phytomelioration suitability of woody plants in urban ecosystems 12
Smoliar N.O., Shevchyk V.L., Solomakha І.V., Shevchyk T.V., Solomakha V.A. Ceratophyllum tanaiticum Sapjeg. (Ceratophyllaceae) in the lakes of the islands in the mouth area of the Sula River (Ukraine) 22
••• GENETICS •••
Pasternak S., Venger A., Kolesnyk O., Malynovsky V. Phylogeny of orthologs of β-esterase genes outside of Drosophila genus 29
Tymchuk D.S., Muzhilko V.V. Variability of grain oil content in the maize inbreds – carriers of endospermic mutations 34
Barbukho O.V. On the question of microbial cenoses of fish and the role of microorganisms of the genus Bacillus under herbicidal water pollution 43
Bresgunova O.O. Use of aspects of the behavior of birds at communal roosts for monitoring and protection of rare species 54
Shakaraliyeva Ye.V. The ways of circulation of trematodes of fish in inland water bodies of Azerbaijan 66
Plaksina K.M., Sidorenko O.S., Legach Y.I., Kovalenko I.F., Bozhok G.A. Expression of b-III-tubulin in the neonatal adrenal cell culture: comparison of monolayer and 3D-culture 76
••• MYCOLOGY •••
Medvedev D.G. The influence of media composition on the growth rate and cultural-morphological characteristics of Cladobotryum dendroides (Bull.) W. Gams & Hooz. strains 87
Akulov O.Yu., Gromakova A.B., Zhezhera M.D., Tupikov A.I. First data about finds of a rare fungus Battarrea phalloides (Dicks.) Pers. from the Kharkiv Forest-steppe 96
Atemasova T.A. The history of protected areas’ network development in the Kharkov region 101
Banik M.V. Breeding bird communities in hills with chalk outcrops in national nature park “Dvorichanskyi” 110
Bondarenko Z.S. Number dynamics of common reptile species (Reptilia) in the Slobozhanskyi National Natural Park 116
Brusentsova N.O. Features of the fox and badger burrows’ distribution in forests of national parks of the Kharkiv region 122
Buksha I.F., Pasternak V.P., Pyvovar T.S., Buksha M.I., Yarotskiy V.Y. Methods and results of sampling statistic inventory of forest stands of national natural park “Gomilshansky lisy” 127
Vlashchenko S.V., Vorontsova I.A. Protected areas network development in the Kharkiv region: present and perspectives 134
Gorbulin O.S., Dogadina Т.V. Methodological approaches in studying the diversity of algae in floodplain water bodies 140
Gorlov P., Winter S., Schevtsov A. Common Crane (Grus grus) in the Izyum Luka: longstanding dynamics of population as a response to changes in the habitat 145
Zvyahintseva K.O. Current status of the rare component of the urban flora of Kharkiv 155
Kazarinova H.O. New perspective objects for inclusion in the nature reserve network of the Kharkov region 161
Pasternak V.P., Yarotskiy V.Yu., Garmash A.V. Forest typological diversity of Volodymyrivske environmental research department of NNP “Slobozhanskiy” 169
Rokityansky A.B., Gamulya Yu.G. Rare and protected aquatic and coastal aquatic species in the Kharkiv region (Ukraine) 175
Savchenko G.A., Ronkin V.I., Kletenkin V.G., Vysochina A.E. The results of phenological observations in plants of steppe and meadow habitats of RLP "The Velykyi Burluk-Steppe" and NNP “Dvorichanskyi” 187
Sidorovsky S.A., Kryshtal E.Y. Rare species of crustaceans of natural protected areas of the Kharkiv region 196
Timoshenkova V.V. New species of Rosa L. and Veronica L. for the territory of National Nature Park Homilshanski Lisy 201
Filatova O.V. On the question of knowledge of the distribution of rare plant species and plant communities in Shevchenko district of Kharkiv region 206
Barannik T.V., Avdieieva K.V. Theoretical analysis of the short-term regulation of human argininosuccinate synthase (ASS1) activity under hemolysis products accumulation 213
Bilchenko O.S., Ospanova T.S., Khimich T.Yu., Veremeyenko O.V., Krasovskaya Ye.A., Manchenko Ye.A. Risk factors that contribute to the severe course and progression of community-acquired pneumonia 219
Gritsenko M.A., Bulankina N.I., Kharchenko T.S., Kot Yu.G., Persky Ye.E. Comparative features of the skin and lung fibroblasts cytoskeleton structure in rats of different ages 224
Suleymanova A.V., Nasirov A.M. Parasitic infestation in carps depending on the age and seasons of year in the Shirvan pond fishery of Azerbaijan 228
Bezrodnova O.V. The results of regional scientific and practical conference "Research on the territories and objects of the natural reserve fund of the Kharkiv region" 233
Author guidelines 237