Vol. 5 (№768)

Adeeb Khalaf Fadel Alamoush, Berest V.P., Hackl Е.V., Perskii Ye.E. The effect of temperature on platelet disaggregation induced by gramicidin S 3
Bezdudna Е.F. Effect of salts of heavy metals on activity of aminotransferases and intensity of peroxidation of lipids during germination of soybean seeds (Glicine max L.) 10
Vovchuk I.L., Petrov S.A. Isolation and purification of carboxypeptidase A from women ovarian cysadenoma 15
Derecha L.N., Myasoedov V.V. Phospholipids composition of blood, liver and brain cells of animals under long-term ethanol influence 25
Kot Yu.G. Changes in polysaccharide composition in rat’s skin due to the action of mechanical strain 29
Petrov S.A., Chernadchuk S.S., Zacharieva Z.E., Fedorko N.L., Sorokin A.V. Influence of B6 vitamin on activity of some enzymes of Krebs (tricarboxylic acid) cycle 35
••• GENETICS •••
Bagatskaya N.V., Nefidova V.E. Cytogenetic peculiarities in children and adolescents with osteoarthrosis 40
Glotka L.I., Bagatskaya N.V., Demenkova I.G. Immunogenetic characteristic of boys with hypothalamic syndrome of puberty 46
Konovalov V.S., Zabludovskyy Y.Y. A.S.Serebrovsky (1892–1948). Fate and life in science 52
Kuzemenskiy A.V. Manifestation of genetic depression in tomato mutant genotypes 63
Samovol O.P., Montvid P.Yu., Cherkas’ky O.M. Inducing recombinative exchanges in F1 tomato hybrids 70
Strygelchyk N.G. Study of mutagenic and modifying effects of new bioactive substances amniocen and its analogue in microbal tests 77
Tkachik T.E. Study of influence of the sex-linked late-feathering gene k on productive traits of domestic hens (Gallu domestіcus) 82
Filiptsova О.V., Lutsenko Ye.L., Atramentova L.A. Genetic and population analysis of proactive and reactive aggression among academic youth of Eastern Ukraine 88
Kolesnik A.N., Starko N.V., Fomenko A.V. The Cyclostomata and fish fauna inhabiting the Seversky Donets river section within Zmiev district, Kharkiv region 94
Lysenko H.M. Comparative phytoindication estimate of forest and steppe ecotopes of Kazatskiy site of Central-Blacksoil reserve 99
Savchenko G.A., Ronkin V.I. Dependence between the term of Marmota bobak hibernation beginning and completing of growing season 106
Tokarskiy V.A., Zorya A.V. Epizootological importance of the steppe marmot (Marmota bobak bobak Müll., 1776) 112
••• METHODS •••
Goncharenko I.V. A new method of selection of informative species during Braun-Blanquet classification 116
••• MYCOLOGY •••
Akulov O.Yu. Differentiated estimation of development of helminthosporiosis and fusariosis root rot on the summer barley 121
Antonova E.I. Morphological peculiarities of liver under the long melatonin influence 128
Babenko N.A., Shakhova E.G. Age-related peculiarities of glycerolipid and Cholesterol metabolism modulation in rat liver by Chamomilla recutita flavonoids 133
Markova K.V., Oleinyk O.A., Shpakova N.M. Antihemolytic activity of chlorpromazine in the conditions of hypotonic lysis of erythrocytes in the mediums of different cationic composition 140
Pisarenko N.A., Shpakova N.M., Orlova N.V. Effect of amphiphilic compounds on hypertonic stress of human and bovine erythrocytes 145
Rudenko S.V., Muhamed Hani Rumieh, Bondarenko V.A. Morphological response of erythrocytes on change of electrolyte content of the medium. I. Effect of albumin 150
Аvksentyeva О.О. Peculiarities of carbon-protein exchange in plants of different photoperiodic groups in connection with reaction on photoperiod 157
Adamchuk-Chala N.I., Sobol M.A. Clinorotation influence on the ultrastructural organization and functioning of pea seedlings meristematic cells 166
Tymchouk D.S., Zhmurko V.V., Tymchouk S.M. Starch and amylose content in the grain of the maize inbreds – carriers of endospermal mutations 174
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