Vol. 4 (№748)

••• biochemistry •••
Andrievsky A.M. Thermosensibility of molecular forms of the carboacid hydrolases of larvae, pupae and imago of Drosophila melanogaster 3
Barannik T.V. Activity of several antioxidant enzymes and reduced glutathione content in rat liver under cadmium chloride action 12
Bezdudna O.F., Kaliman P.A. Change of proteins content and transamination of aminoacids during soybean germination (Glicine max L.) 17
Vovchuk I.L., Kucherov V.A., Petrov S.A. Obtaining and identification of molecular forms of carboxypeptidase A from tumour tissue of women womb endometrium 21
Gisina I.L., Persky E.E., Bulankina N.I. Evolution of hemagglutinin and neuraminidase antigenic determinants of influenza viruses H9N2 33
Kochmar О.V., Petrov S.A. The division of thiamine in the subcellular fractions of female myometrium under oncopathology 38
Marchenko N.Yu. The effect of divalent cations on an interaction of molecular chaperone GroEL with nonnative targets 42
Stanev A.I., Zaporozhchenko A.V., Karpov L.М., Kolomiychuk S.G., Kokoshkina O.A. Influence of different cultures of spirulina on content of lactate, malate and pyruvate in organs of rats at diabetes mellitus 48
••• botany •••
Gorbulin O.S., Rayda E.V. Euglenophyta of reservoirs of regional landscape park «Nizhnevorsklyanskiy» (Ukraine) 54
••• genetics •••
Kuzemenskiy A.V., Nadtochiy L.Yu. Expression of mutant genes in heterozygote and its practical use in the selection of tomato 65
Nikolenko I.A., Tymchuk S.M. Accumulation of protein, oil and starch in the developing seeds of maize endospermal mutants 74
Philiptsova O.V. Sex and age peculiarities of food preferences and their relationship to personality traits and cognitive abilities 79
Yu Cao, Atramentova L.A. Analysis of segregation ratio and hereditability of esophageal cancer in Khebey province (China) 87
••• zoology and ecology •••
Sytnic S.A., Smutilo A.O. Ecological evaluation of Seversky Donets water quality in the Lugansk region 92
Tokarsky V.A., Grubnik V.V., Avdeev A.S. Reacclimatization of marmot (Marmota bobаk Mull., 1776) in Ukraine (Kharkov, Poltava, Sumy, Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk regions) 100
••• Cryobiology •••
Bondarovich N.A., Ostankov M.V., Sirous M.A., Ostankova L.V., Goltsev A.N. State of immune system of mice with genetically determined development of breast cancer after application of cryopreserved fetal liver cells 110
Goltsev A.N., Yampolskaya K.Y., Dubrava T.G. Identification of fenotypical characteristics and an estimation of influence of various cryopreservation regimes on functional potential of fetal liver cells 121
Dyubko T.S., Morozova T.F., Lipina O.V., Romodanova E.А. Freezing effect at the donor blood plasma 128
••• physiology of plants •••
Zakolesnyk N.V. Influence of growth regulators on process of primordia formation of Pleurotus ostreatus 134
••• physiology of human and animals •••
Vyazovska O.V., Mayorov O.Yu. Assessment of the cerebral neurodynamics after immobilization stress by estimating the Kolmogorov Entropy of the EEG 139
Mayorov O.Yu., Fritzche L.N., Fritzche M., Prognimak A.B., Stepanchenko K.A. Kolmogorov–Sinay entropy evaluation based on EEGs of healthy men with different degree of anxiety 147
Semenova Ya.А. Age peculiarities of phospholipid level in rat tissues 153
Skripnichenko N.V., Bozhok G.A., Bondarenko T.P. Сomparative study of insulin-producing ability of neonatal porcine and neonatal rabbits islets in vitro 159
••• information •••
I International young scientists conference «Biology: from the molecule to biosphere» 164
Author guidelines 165