Vol. 15 (№1008)

Bliznyuk Yu.N., Kostina T.V., Ponomarenko A.N., Perskiy Ye.E., Semenov M.A. Changes in the level of hydration of type I collagen and glycosaminoglycans, which are synthesized in the skin of rats under the influence of mechanical stress 5
Kot K.V., Kot Yu.G., Sedova K.V., Persky Ye.E. Connection between integrins forced fluctuations, the degree of cytoskeleton actin polymerization and the content of free Ca2+ in fibroblasts 12
Kuleshova D.K., Davydov V.V. Age-related features of oxidative stress manifestation in adolescents with obesity in the presence of insulin resistance and without it 16
Orishaka О.V., Vovchuk I.L., Petrov S.A. Extracting and purification of thiamine pyrophosphokinase from non-malignant myometrium and at presence of tumors in it 23
Kharchenko V.S. Effects of high-fat diet and quercetin on insulin-stimulated phospholipase D activity in the cerebral cortex of young rats 41
••• BOTANY and Plant ecology •••
Gorbulin O.S. Ecological and biological characteristics of Xanthophyta of Ukraine inland water bodies 50
Mironyuk A.N., Tkachenko F.P. Characteristic of floristic composition of phytobenthos of the Kuchurgan river (Odessa region, Ukraine) 67
••• Genetics •••
Ahmed I.H., Ghali Z.H., Gorshunska M.Yu., Pоchеrnyaev A.K., Atramentova L.A. Structure of Ukrainian population on SNP rs3093059 of C-reactive protein gene 76
Bagatska N.V., Enass Ghassan Sweedan Chromosomal aberrations rate in children and adolescents with depressive disorders 81
Vorobyova L.I., Romanko A.I., Gorenskaya O.V., Leonova I.S. Analysis of adaptability of Drosophila melanogaster stocks, originated from Irkutsk region natural populations 86
Ghali Z.H., Ahmed I.H., Gorshunska M.Yu., Pоchеrnyaev A.K., Atramentova L.A. Structure of Ukrainian population on SNP rs1137101 of leptin receptor gene LEPR 94
Leus T.V. Inheritance of spininess and shape of bracket leaves in some lines of safflower 99
Fes’kov O.M., Fes’kova I.A., Zhylkova Ye.S., Blazhko O.V. Examination of the aneuploid spermatozoa’s and spermatozoa’s with fragmented DNA content in men with high content of the immature spermatozoa in the ejaculate 103
Chigrin Т.V., Zadorozhna O.А. Peroxidase activity in sunflower lines and hybrids under broomrape inoculation 109
••• zoology and ecology •••
Bondarieva A.A., Bibik Yu.S., Samilo S.M., Shabanov D.A. Erythrocytes cytogenetic characteristics of green frogs from Siversky Donets centre of Pelophylax esculentus complex diversity 116
Dzhurtubaev Yu.M., Dzhurtubaev M.M. Macrozoobenthos of the Danubian channel «Obchestvenny» 124
Kuliev G.N. An attempt of hybridization of three species of forest mice (Sylvaemus uralensis, S. fulvipectus, S. ponticus) and different geographic populations of common vole (Microtus arvalis) in Azerbaijan 129
Quliyev S.M., Askerov E.K. Current ecological condition of mammalian (Artiodactyla), proposed for inclusion in the second edition of the Red Book of Azerbaijan 136
Mamedova S.O., Gaibova H.D. Hemoparasites (Apicomplexa: Coccidia) of reptiles of Azerbaijan 142
Mahmudova Ye.A. Ecological-faunistic analysis of trematodes of the Kura river delta 148
Tokarsky V.A., Savchenko G.A., Ronkin V.I. The history of investigation and dynamics of growth of Velikiy Burluk population of the steppe marmot 156
Yanovych L.M., Shevchuk T.V. Features of the morphology and biology of the water mite Unionicola ypsilophora (Acari: Hydracarina), a parasite of mollusks (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Unionidae) of Ukraine 165
••• Cryobiology •••
Korniyenko Ye.M. The study of the kinetics of detergent hemolysis erythrocytes modified with DMSO 171
Yampolskaya Ye.Ye., Kravchenko M.A., Dubrava T.G., Goltsev A.N. Influence of cryopreserved fetal liver cells on immunoinflammatory process activity in rheumatic arthritis animals 177
••• miCrobiology •••
Menkus O.V. Study antilysomic activity of bacteria as Streptococcus and Staphylococcus among sick people with the diseases of respiratory tracts 187
••• physiology of human and animals •••
Babenko N.A., Timofiychuk O.A. Age features of the phospholipids, free fatty acids and neutral lipids content in serum and skeletal muscle of male Wistar rat 192
Kolot N.V. Application of fluorescent carbocyanine dye DiOC18 for the pancreatic islets identification after xenotransplantation 203
Youssef Hani Roumieh Сomparative morphological structure of adrenal glands and their organo-typical cultures of animals of different age 210
Tarabrina N.Yu. Role of active traction-rotary myorelaxation for the correction reactions of the cardiovascular system of the athletes with different initial vegetative tone on the action of the vestibular loading 217
••• plant physiology •••
Zhmurko V.V., Avksentyeva O.А., Han Bing Effect of different photoperiodic conditions on the development and productivity of the elements on the genes VRN isogenic wheat lines (Triticum aestivum L.) 226
Мikhyeyev O.M., Ovsiannikova L.G., Evdokimova S.O. Possible role of supracellular mechanisms in radioadaptation effects of plants 233
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