Vol. 31

In memory of Nadia Grygorivna Shestopalova (1927–2018) 5
Bezrodnaya A.I. Correction by "Quertin" of the oxidative-antioxidant system of rats at xenobiotics exposure 7
Nikitchenko I.V., Barannik T.V., Pavychenko O.V. In vivo effects of hemin and nitric oxide donors on parameters of heme metabolism in rat liver and serum 16
Nikolaeva O.V., Petrov S.A. General antioxidant activity at the allotransplantation of embryonal muscle tissue in rats 25
Tkachenko F.P., Sidorenko M.V. Macrophytobenthos of artificial ponds in the parks of Odessa city 31
Shevchuk N.Yu. Peculiarities of spatial structure, floristic similarity and phytocoenic activity of herbaceous plant species in afforestations and natural steppe groups of Southern Kryvyi Rih area 39
••• GENETICS •••
Pisaruk A.V., Karaman H.S., Koshel N.M., Mechova L.V., Vaiserman A.M., Kozeretska І.A., Chaka O.G., Litovka I.G., Levashov M.I. Development and lifespan duration of Drosophila melanogaster at the larval development under hypoxia and hyperoxia 51
Barkaszi Zoltán Sibling mice species of the genus Sylvaemus Ognev, 1924 (Mammalia, Rodentia) in the Ukrainian Carpathians 59
Zagorodniuk I., Parkhomenko V. Boris Valkh and the development of zoology and museology in the East of Ukraine 72
Mamedova S.N., Ibrahimov Sh.R. Parasitic protozoans of commercial fishes of the Kura river estuary 99
Seyidbeyli M.I., Maharramov S.H. Helminth fauna of domestic waterfowl (goose – Anser anser dom. and duck – Anas platyrhynchos dom.) of Nakhchivan AR 107
Tokarskaya N.V. Biological characteristics, feeding and structure of tunnels of the greater mole-rat (Spalax microphthalmus) in the area of the regional landscape park “Velikoburlutskyi Steppe” 114
Bilchenko O.S., Krasovska K.O., Veremeenko O.V., Khimich T.U. Drug-induced interstitial lung lesions 121
Koba L.V., Shapkina O.А., Zhuikova A.E., Bondarenko V.A. Influence of chlorpromazine on the resistance of erythrocytes of rats of different ages to hypertonic conditions 130
Chumakova V.V., Avksentieva O.A. Effect of trophic support on the dynamics of growth processes and carbohydrate content of winter wheat sprouts under vernalization 138
Gritsenko M.A., Bulankina N.I. Comparative study of some skin and lung fibroblast genes expression of rats of different age 148
4th International Scientific Conference “Modern Plant Biology: Theoretical and Applied Aspects” and Young Scientists School, Kharkiv, Ukraine, October, 09–10, 2018 153
Author guidelines 156