Vol. 3 (№729)

100 years from the day of birth of Georgy Il'ich Semenenko (1906–1972) 3
••• biochemistry •••
Adib Al-Аmoush, Berest V.P., Gatash S.V., Perskii Ye.E. The effect of cations on platelet aggregation 5
Ganusova G.V. Study of some indices of steroidogenesis in adrenal gland of rats after injection of cobalt chloride and mercury chloride 10
Gisina I.L., Bulankina N.I., Persky E.E. Evolution of structural and functional properties of influenza H9N2 hemagglutinin cleavage site 16
Zhukova T.V., Kot Yu.G., Persky E.E. The possible mechanism of the participation of the aorta’s tensile stress in age-associated sclerosis 21
••• botany •••
Bezrodnova O.V. Phytosozology characteristic of the reservation zone of “Kovilniy step” and “Ryasanova balka” 25
Gromakova A.B. New localities of rare lichens in Kharkov region 32
Shved M.D. Algolfloristic studies of different type reservoirs of Left-bank Polissya 37
••• genetics •••
Atramentova L.А., Tyzhnenko T.V. The effect of anticipation at widespread diseases (as an example the ischemic stroke and the osteohondrosis) 42
Bayeva O.Yu. Radioadaptive response induction and display in sunflower root meristem cells of parental strains and hybrid 47
Volkova N.E., Vorobyova L.I. The inheritance features of Drosophila melanogaster mating behavior traits 53
Gurevich I.Y., Atramentova L.A. The genetic-demographic characteristic of Jewish and Arabian populations of Israel 61
Dokukina K.I., Didenko S.Y., Usova Z.V. Inheritance of morphological and biochemical traits in hybrids from cross of amphidiploid Triticum durum Desf. – Aegilops tauschii Coss. with bread spring wheat cultivar Kharkivs'ka 26 67
Doroshenko K.A., Klimenko V.V. Increase of capability for thermoparthenogenesis of the silkworm eggs developed in ovaries, implanted into hosts of record parthenoclone by this characteristic in larval instar 72
Zabelina V.Y., Klymenko V.V. Capability for the thermoparthenogenesis of the silkworm Bombyx mori L. eggs, developed in ovaries, implanted in hosts of an opposite sex on larval stage 76
Kuzemenskiy A.V. Peculiarities of gs (green stripe) gene manifestation and effects of its unallelic interaction with genes of tomato fruit increased pigmentation 81
Kulabuhova N.N., Vorobyova L.I. Role of separate morphological mutations in formation of behavioral features of Drosophila melanogaster 88
Marchenko A.Yu., Strashnyuk V.Yu. Genetic variability of giant chromosomes polytheny level and effects of 20OH-ecdysterone on endoreduplication in Drosophila melanogaster Meig. 93
Masikevich Yu.H. The nuclear-cytoplasmatic condition of chloroplasts light reactions of heterosis maize hybrids 100
Meshcheryakova I.P. Genetic demographic structure population of Yevpatoriya 105
Navrotskaya V.V. Manifestation of Drosophila melanogaster quantitative traits depending on light impact on different stages of parents’ gametogenesis 113
Nesterenko A.M., Klimenko V.V. Influence of anticipating shock on capability for complete thermoparthenogenesis in mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori L. 120
Norman T.V., Vorobyova L.I. Genetical analysis of phototactic behavior in Drosophila malanogaster line ci eyR 125
Rozhkov R.V. Inheritance of "polonicumity" traits in interspecial hybrids T. petropavlovskyi with bread wheat cultivar Kharkivs'ka 28 130
Taglina O.V. Investigation of spontaneous asynapsis of salivary gland polytene chromosomes of Drosophila melanogaster in highly inbred lines, combined lines and their hybrids 136
Yu Cао, Аtramentova L.А. Genetic and epidemiological study of oesophagus cancer in China 141
Shakhbazau A.V., Brychkova G.G., Maneshina T.V., Kartel N.A. Combined expression of bacterial endochitinase and rhamnosyltransferase in transgenic plants 147
Shustikova M.V. The influence of the exogamy degree on the tendency for physical aggression 153
••• Edaphology •••
Fateev A.I., Samokhvalova V.L., Naydjonova O.E. The state analysis of polluted soil with heavy metals using the biological parameters 158
••• zoology and ecology •••
Vlaschenko A.S., Naglov A.V. Bats hibernation (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) in artificial caves of North-eastern Ukraine 168
Polchaninova N.Yu. Materials to the inventory of the spider (Araneae) fauna of the “Khomutovskaya steppe” nature reserve (Donetsk region) 176
Savchenko G.A., Ronkin V.I. Effect of primary and induced heterogeneity for the complexity of steppe ecosystem in the North-eastern Ukraine 185
Tokarsky V.A., Ronkin V.I., Savchenko G.A. Key ecological factors of renaissance European subspecies of the steppe marmot in the middle of XX century and depression of its number in the beginning of XXI century 193
Usenko E.V. Use of biotests on the bacteria of Photobacterium phosphoreum, infusoria of Tetrahymena pyriformis and flies of Drosophila melanogaster for ecology-toxicological estimation of water objects 202
Shabanov D.A., Zinenko O.I., Korshunov O.V., Kravchenko M.O., Mazepa G.O. The study of population systems of green frogs (Rana ecsulenta complex) in Kharkiv region: history, modern condition and prospects 208
••• Cryobiology •••
Dyubko T.S. About some aspects of fluorescence analysis application in cryobiology. I. Intrinsic fluorescence of proteins 221
Cheremskoy A.K., Prokopyuk O.S., Gubina-Vaculik G.I., Chizhevskiy V.V., Falko O.V. Adapting effect of cryopreserved placenta extract on morphofunctional organism indices during acute general cooling 232
••• mycology •••
Usichenko A.S., Ordynets A.V., Glushenko V.I. Morphology of Phellinus robustus (P. Karst.) Bourd. et Galz. f. robiniae Bond. 236
••• physiology of plants •••
Geras'ko T.V., Kalitka V.V. Influence of antioxidant preparations AOK-M and MARS-1 on frost resistance of winter wheat at preseeding incrustation of seeds 240
Zhmurko V.V., Vysochan A.P., Matushkin V.A. Cell division intensity in the meristem of soybean (Glicine max (L.) Merr.) seedlings under low temperature 247
Timoshenko V.V., Zhmurko V.V. The influence of the day length on NADP+/NADPH content and chloroplast photochemical activity in plant leaves of different photoperiodic groups 251
••• physiology of human and animals •••
Bilyavskaya S.B., Bozhok G.A., Legach E.I., Bondarenko T.P. Combined transplantation of thyroid and adrenal tissues in postsurgeal hypothyroidism 256
Oleynik О.А., Muhamed Hani Rumieh, Ramazanov V.V., Bondarenko V.A. Influence of temperature and modifiers of membrane on the fluorescein transport in erythrocytes 260
Rudenko S.V., Wajdi Khalaf Jamil Madanat, Bondarenko V.A. Effect of modificators on cation-induced aggregation of erythrocytes 265
Youssef Hani Roumieh, Bondarenko T.P. Functional characteristics of adrenal glands and organoltipic cultures of adrenal glands of the rats at aging 271
Ihsan Ali Salameh Al-Salaymeh, Melihova S.V., Nipot E.E., Bondarenko V.A. Effects of n-butanol and n-hexanol on red blood cells sensitivity to change of osmotic and temperature conditions of milieu 275
Tishko T.V., Titar V.P., Tishko D.N., Bondarenko V.A., MartinenkV.V., Statzenko N.V., Korovay V.I. Investigation of blood erythrocytes morphology of pregnant women and newborn infants using the digital holographic interference microscope 281
Loay Khaled Mohammad Hassouneh Effect of α–tocopherol on thyroxine-induced lipid metabolism in liver of aged animals 287
••• information •••
Final scientific conference of biological faculty 291
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