Vol. 19 (№1097)

Аtemasova Т.А., Тokarsky V.А., Vysochin М.О. National Nature Park “Dvorichanskyi”: a history of establishment and start 5
Kosmacheva M.V. Geological structure and landscapes of the Dvorichanskyi National Nature Park 11
Guglya Yu.А. Mining flies of the family Agromyzidae (Insecta: Diptera) of National Nature Park “Dvorichanskyi” (Kharkiv Region, Ukraine) 14
Guglya Yu.A., Karolinskiy Е.А. On Lepidiptera of the National Nature Park “Dvorichanskyi” (Kharkiv region, Ukraine) and its surroundings 17
Karolinskiy E.А. Dragonflies (Insecta: Odonata) of the National Nature Park “Dvorichanskyi” 26
Kolesnik A.N. Zooplankton of water bodies on the territory of Dvorichanskyi National Park 30
Polchaninova N.Yu. To the study of the spider fauna (Araneae) of the National Nature Park “Dvorichanskyi” 36
Sidorovsky S.A. The fauna of crustaceans (Crustacea) of the National Nature Park "Dvorichanskyi", Kharkiv Region 41
Terekhova V.V., Skryl’nik Yu.E. The first results of study of jewel beetles (Coleoptera, Buprestidae) of National Nature Park “Dvorichanskyi” 46
Banik M.V., Vysochin M.O., Atemasov A.A., Atemasova T.A., Devyatko T.N. An annotated check-list of the birds of Dvоrichanskyi National Park 52
Goncharov G.L. Fishes of water bodies of “Dvorichanskyi” National Nature Park 62
Zinenko O., Korshunov O., Tupikov A. Amphibia and Reptilia of the National Nature Park “Dvorichanskyi” 68
Ronkin V.I., Savchenko G.A. To the characteristic of gully steppe of the National Nature Park “Dvorichanskyi” 75
Tokarsky V.A. Species composition of mammals of the National Nature Park «Dvorichanskyi» 81
Author guidelines 90