Vol. 6 (№788)

In memory of Foundator of Kharkiv School of Age Physiology and Biochemistry (to 120 anniversary correspondent member of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine A.V.Nagorny) 3
In memory of academic Vladimir Nikolaevich Nikitin 5
••• biochemistry •••
Derecha L.N. Alcohol and his action on an organism: analysis of literature 7
••• botany •••
Dogadina T.V. New taxons and taxonomical combinations in structure of yellow-green algae (Xanthophyta s.l.) 17
Zhyhalenko O.A. Rare species of vascular plants of the Ichniansky national nature park 23
Zarei Darki B., Dogadina T.V. A specific diversity and taxonomic structure of phytoplankton in water bodies of Iran 29
••• genetics •••
Bagatskaya N.V., Glotka L.I. Dermatoglyphics in teenage boys with hypothalamic syndrome of puberty 33
Doroshenko K.O., Zabelina V.Y., Klymenko V.V. Thermal parthenogenesis of the silkworm Bombyx morі L. eggs, forming in the ovaries implanted into foreign environment 39
Kovalenko N.V., Doroshenko K.A., Klіmenko V.V., Utevsky A.Y., Utevsky S.Y. The use of propionic hematoxylin in a study of the germ line of the medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis (Clitellata, Hirudinea) 44
Markova O.A. Analysis of sex ratio in the posterity of the budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus), depending on the parameters of reproduction and selection of the birds 48
Ostapovets L.I. Effect of the cultivation conditions of porcine oocytes cumulus complexes in vitro on the development of parthenogenetic embryos 54
Samovol O.P., Montvid P.Yu., Chercaskiy O.M., Grati V.G., GratM.I. Qualitative parameters of meiosis as a criterion for degree of lines homozygotisation of tomato interspecific segregating populations 59
Tkachik T.E. Hereditary consolidation of parental forms and auto-sexing genotypes of Borki meat-egg hens 66
Filiptsova О.V., Atramentova L.A. Population and genetic analysis of vocational interests 73
Yu Cao, Atramentova L.A. Deletion of FHIT gene in esophageal cancer 81
••• zoology and ecology •••
Zhidenko A.A. Influence of herbicides on different age carp’s (Cyprinus carpio L.) structural metabolism 86
Kovalenko M.V. First Ukrainian record of the frog lung fluke Skrjabinoeces breviansa Sudarikov, 1950 (Trematoda: Plagiorchidae) 93
Kolesnykova M.Yu. New information on branchiobdellidans (Clitellata: Branchiobdellida) distribution in pools of the Kharkiv Region 97
Fedonenko Е.V., Sharamok Т.S., Еsipova N.B. Distributing of lead and cadmium in ecosystem of the Samara fish-breeder pond 104
••• physiology of human and animals •••
Aleksandrova D.I., Orlova N.V., Shpakova N.M. Pre-incubation effect of human and bovine erythrocytes in sucrose solutions on cell resistance to hypertonic shock 110
Аntonova E.I. Cytological peculiarities of liver under the long-term melatonin insufficiency 116
Babenko N.A., Loay Khaled Mohammad Hassouneh Sphingolipid and glycerolipid role in the thyroxine responses at accelerated aging 121
Buriak I.A., Zinchenko V.D., Volovelskaya E.L., Repin N.V., Ramazanov V.V. Investigation of cryopreserved erythrocyte survival after ozone treatment 129
Kalyan V.V. Behavioural reactions of female rats whose mothers were under the action of various motor regimes, in conditions of an open field 134
Koltunova О.V., Komisova T.E. Future of parent′s tobacco smoke on sex behavior of female offspring 141
Kursa M.O., Demidov S.V., Bezrukov V.F., Pustovalov A.S. Haematological parameters in the South Polar Skua Catharacta maccormicki: white blood cell differential and heterophil/lymphocyte ratio 145
Redka I.V. The features of heart rate variability of children with poor eyesight at preschool age 150
Rudenko V.V. Age-dependent changes in activity of glutathione-S-transferase in the brain of rats under immobilization stress 157
Youssef Hani Roumieh, Bondarenko T.P. Changes of morphological and functional characteristics of adrenal glands and their organo-typical cultures with aging 165
Khaddad Aikham Ali, Davydov V.V. Age peculiarities of oxidative stress appearance in rats with hypothyroidism 171
••• physiology of plants •••
Zadorozhna O.A., Yushkina L.L., Sokol T.V. Callusogenesis of grain and vegetable pea under the biotic stress conditions 177
Tichonova O.V., Molodchencova O.O., Petrov S.A. Activity of hexokinase and transketolase in germination seeds of maize in the conditions of water deficit 182
••• information •••
Author guidelines 187