Vol. 13 (№947)

••• biochemistry •••
Garkavenko V.V. Influence of imipramine on the L-thyroxine regulation of neutral lipid content in the brain and liver of old rats 5
Мartynova S.М. The influence of high concentrations of copper on lipid spectrum of subcellular fractions of liver and kidney cells of rats 11
Polikarpova A.V. The dynamic of pituitary-adrenal system hormones content under skin burns of different origin 19
Samokhina L.M., Lomako V.V. Sexual features of participation of some enzymes of angiotenzin II formation and calcium-dependent proteinasеs in pathogenesis of alcohol-dependent hypertension 23
Falchenko K.V. The influence of fibroblasts mechanical stretching on the content of structural biopolymers in culture 29
••• Botany & plant ecology •••
Brezgunova K.Yu. Addition to the algal flora of Lake Borovoe (Kharkiv region) 37
Gorbulin O.S. Ecological and biological features of Сryptophyta of flora of Ukraine 47
Gromakova A.B. Lichens of Botanical Reserve “Volchanskiy” (Kharkov region, Ukraine) 57
••• genetics •••
Akinina G.Ye. Study of microsatellites loci variability in chickpea cultivars from different countries by methods of molecular variance (AMOVA) and Q-factor analyses 63
Bagatskaya N.V., Glotka L.I. Dermatoglyphic features in adolescents with diffuse nontoxic goiter 69
Volkova N.Ye., Rudenko L.V., Navrotskaya V.V., Vorobyova L.I. Changes of Drosophila melanogaster quantitative traits at the influence of the donor of methyl groups – betaine. 2. The role of methyl-enriched diet in Drosophila melanogaster behavioral traits development 74
Dugar Yu.N., Popov V.N. RAPD analysis of Ukrainian red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) cultivars of different ecology-geographical origin 81
Zadorozhna O.A. Inheritance of some sunflower leaf traits 87
Zuyeva M.I. R501X and 2282del4 mutations of FLG gene in allergodermatoses patients 93
Lytovchenko O.А. Seminested PCR-assay for detection of Сhlamydia traсhomatis 98
Solodiankin O.S. Design of the plasmid pUC_gB a component of DNA vaccine against Marek's disease virus 105
Tverdokhlib H.V. Transgressive forms of bread wheat obtained from crosses with T. kiharae Dorof. et Migusch. and T. miguschovae Zhirov 111
Chorna L.B., Makukh H.V., Akopyan H.R., Zastavna D.V., Prokopchuk N.M. Analysis of MTHFR, MTR, MTRR genetic variations and FV and FII genes mutations of coagulation factors among women with recurrent pregnancy losses 118
••• zoology and ecology •••
Badalova S.V. Fish parasites of the Samur-Absheron canal and a role of this watercourse in formation of the fauna of fish parasites of the Absheron peninsula water bodies 125
Bartenev A.F., Terekhova V.V. An addition and remarks to the fauna of cerambycid beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) of Left-bank Ukraine and Crimea 133
Guseinov M.A. Age-related changes of the infestation of the lake frog Pelophylax ridibundus (Pallas) of the Caspian Minor Gizilagach Bay with blood parasites 147
••• Cryobiology •••
Nikolenko A.V., Vyazovska O.V. Study of red blood cells preservation depending on the composition of cryoprotective medium based on non-penetrating cryoprotectant oxyethylated methyl cellosolve 152
Pakulova O.K., Bondarenko V.A., Malkovich Yu.V. Features of hypertonic cryohemolysis of human erythrocytes in media containing Hofmeister series anions 159
Chernobay N.A., Yurchuk T.A., Bozhok G.A., Kovalenko I.F., Kovalenko S.Ye., Rozanov L.F. Osmotic behavior of adrenal cells in hypertonic solutions of NaCl and PEO-400 166
••• physiology of human and animals •••
Goncharenko M.S., Chіkalo T.М. Investigation of adaptive capacity and cardiorhythm fractal characteristics of V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University students with different types of circulation 170
Lesovoy V.N., Andoneva N.M., Lesovaya A.V. Kidney transplantation in patients with hereditary nephropathies 176
Stanishevskaya T.I., Sobolev V.I. Character of the interrelation between hormones of human's hypophysis-thyreoid system in the norm and at its limits 183
Timchenko G.M. Chronophysiological approach to the estimation of the state of students’ somatic health 190
Khyzhnyak S.V., Grischenko V.A., Stepanova L.I., Prokhorova A.O., Voitsitsky V.M. The structural state of the small intestine and hepatocytes mitochondrial membrane after the influence of exogenic factors 196
••• physiology of plants •••
Kaznacheeva М.С. The study of active forms of oxygen and antioxidants content in tissues of onion of different by resistance to diseases cultivars 201
Poznyak S.S., Poznyak Ye.I. Effect of seed fungicides on the content of some microelements in barley seedlings (Hordeum vulgare L.) 206
••• information •••
Anniversaries. Nikolay Dormidontovich Timashov 212
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