Vol. 22 (№1126)

In memory of Veniamin Mironovich Epstein 5
Kavelina A.S. Cultivation of adhesive cell cultures on soft contact lenses 8
Ganusova G.V., Barannik T.V. Cobalt and mercury chlorides action on lipid peroxidation indexes in blood serum and the resistance of the erythrocytes of rat females 16
Lykholat T., Lykholat O., Antonyuk S. Features of proteolytic processes in the breast tissue of different age patients with ductal carcinoma 22
Okhrimenko S.M., Sedova K.V., Kozlova O.S. Influence of cadmium chloride on some parameters of prooxidant-antioxidant balance in the tissues of rats 28
Sira O.E., Gamulya Yu.G. Environmental and phytocoenotic analysis of the flora of the shoreline of the Iskov pond (Zmiyiv district, Kharkiv Region) 33
••• GENETICS •••
Atramentova L.A., Luchko E.N. Marital contingence according to aggression and empathy rates 41
Gorenskaya O.V., Taglina O.V., Vorobyova L.I. The evolution of ideas about the gene 47
Gorpinchenko M.Yu., Atramentova L.A. The diversity of the Ukrainian surnames as a tool for population genetic research 54
Timoshyna I.A., Chechui H.F., Pavychenko O.V., Filiptsova O.V. Genetic analysis of food preferences in the population of Ukraine 61
Filiptsova О.V. Analysis of methodological problems in research on the genetics of behavior in Ukraine 67
Aliyev S.I. Species composition and quantitative distribution of the macrozoobenthos of the lower part of the Araks River of Azerbaijan 73
Alpatova О.N. Major ecological groups of testate amoebae (Testacealobosia; Silicofilosea) of Ukrainian Polissya Аrea 79
Andrusevich E.V., Zhukov A.V., Kunakh O.N. Ecomorphic organisation of the mesopedobionts community as the basis of the anthropogenic soils zoological diagnostic 86
Garlinska A.N. Ecological and parasitological characteristics of the bladder snails (Gastropoda; Pulmonata; Physinae) of Ukraine 98
Mirzoyev G.S., Suleymanov S.Sh., Ismayilov G.K. Coastal macrozoobenthos of the western shore area of the South Caspian Sea 106
Mustafayeva G.I. Biological and ecological features of scale Pseudaulacaspis pentagona (Targ-Tozz.) and cultivation of its entomophages in Azerbaijan 117
Stadnychenko A.P., Gyrin V.K. The duration of locomotion of cilia of cells of ciliary epithelium of gills of anodontines (Mollusca, Bivalvia) depending on their physiological status 124
Tokarsky V.A. Features of badger (Meles meles L., 1758) nutrition in the Kharkiv Region 129
Farkhadov Gadir Teymur ogli Features of helminthes of sheep and goats in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic 133
Shabanov D.A., Korshunov A.V., Kravchenko M.A., Meleshko E.V., Shabanova A.V., Usova E.E. The intrapopulation developmental strategies of precocity and stuntedity: determination by the example of anurans 138
Savosko V.M. Protective-stimulating effect of heteroauxin in pre-sowing preparation of the seeds of legume and cereal grasses for phytorecultivation of technogenic landscapes 148
Gritsenko M.A., Kot K.V., Kot Yu.G., Morozova K.S., Ponomarenko A.N., Perskiy Ye.E. A comparative study of the growth of primary cultured skin and lung fibroblasts from rats of different ages 158
Zabirnyk A.S., Barannik T.V., Omelchenko E.A., Persky Ye.E., Malashicheva A.B., Kostareva A.A. Analysis of LMNA gene mutations effect on 3-dimensional structure of lamin A and mode of its interaction with emerin and SREBP1 164
Filiponenko N.S., Volkova N.Ye., Vorobyova L.I. knirps and cubitus interruptus loci interaction in wing veins pattern formation in Drosophila melanogaster (morphology analysis) 168
Author guidelines 173