Vol. 14 (№971)

Guryeva A.V., Davydov V.V., Grabovetskaya E.R. Specific features of aldehyde dehydrogenase activity modulation in liver and heart of pubertal age rats 5
Kaliman P.A., Okhrimenko S.M. Effect of arginine on the indices of nitrogenous and carbohydrate metabolism in rats under experimental rhabdomyolysis 11
Kashkalda D.A., Lebets I.S., Shevchenko N.S. Role of proteolytic enzymes in the progress of arthral cartilage destruction in children and adolescents with osteoarthrosis 16
Kot K.V., Kot Yu.G. Features of the actin cytoskeleton network of fibroblasts cultured on deformable substrate 20
Polikarpova A.A., Perskiy E.E. Comparative study of pro-inflammatiry and anti-inflammatory cytokine level dynamic under skin burns with different origin 27
••• BOTANY and Plant ecology •••
Borovik L.P. Peculiarities of segetal plant communities of the east of Lugansk region as an initial stage of the abandoned fields succession 33
Gorbulin O.S. Ecological and biological features of Dinophyta of flora of continental water bodies of Ukraine 43
Dogadina T.V., Gorbulin O.S. To interpretation of volume of species Characiopsis spinifer Printz (Xanthophyta) 59
Kazarinova A.O. Stages and directions of study of higher aquatic flora and vegetation of Seversky Donets valley 63
••• Genetics •••
Bagatskaya N.V., Medzanovskaya E.V. Some peculiarities of acrocentric chromosomes association in patients with rheumatoid arthritis 71
Verlinsky O. The influence of crossing-over on distribution of beta-globin genes between polar bodies and oocyte and clinical trials of preimplantation genetic diagnosis using polar bodies analysis 77
Volkova N.Ye., Grigoryev D.S., Kostenko V.V., Vorobyova L.I. The effect of artificial genotype rearrangements on behavior adaptively significant traits of Drosophila melanogaster 82
Gadyaka E.V., Vorobyova L.I. Analysis of adaptive components in Drosophila melanogaster stocks with broken ABC-transporter system 92
••• zoology and ecology •••
Abdullaeva Kh.G. Toward the study of distribution of diplostomiasis among fish in fish farms in Azerbaijan 98
Guseinov M.A. A study of the life cycle of Trypanosoma neveulemaire, a blood parasite of the marsh frog Pelophylax ridibundus, in the organism of the leech Hemiclepsis marginata 103
Kechedzhi A.E., Mykhailova O.V., Shabanov D.A. Spermatogenesis in triploid Pelophylax esculentus (Amphibia, Anura) from Seversko-Donetskiy green frog’s diversity center (Ukraine, Kharkiv region) 112
Tokarsky V.A., Tokarskaya N.V., Fomenko T.S. The mound-building mouse (Mus spicilegus, Rodentia, Mammalia) in Kharkov region of Ukraine 118
Shandikov G.A. Channichthys richardsoni sp. n., a new Antarctic icefish (Perciformes: Notothenioidei: Channichthyidae) from the Kerguelen Islands area, Indian sector of the Southern Ocean 125
••• Cryobiology •••
Korniyenko Ye.M., Posokhov Ye.O. Localization of penetrating cryoprotectant dimethylsulfoxide in red cell membranes: a study by fluorescent probes 135
••• physiology of human and animals •••
Bozhok G.A. The impact of pretransplant intraportal splenocyte infusion on the survival of testicular grafts and state of the liver in orhiectomized mice 140
Kolesnikova А.A. The influence of Hoechst staining on mouse oocytes development in vitro 147
Morenko A.H., Pavlovych O.S. Electroencephalogram power’s sexual features of θ-rhythm during perception and manual play of mono and polyphonic rhythmic patterns in human 153
Rudenko S.V., Shchetinina E.M. Kineticts of binding of lytic polypeptide equinatoxin II to erythrocyte membrane and effect of calcium on toxin-induced hemolysis 164
Tkachenko A.V. Metabolic processes in heart and liver of rats with experimental hypokinesia and their correction by phyto syrup "Valeoton" 177
••• інформація •••
Botanical science in the context of system study of life» XIII Congress of Ukrainian Botanical Society 185
ІІ International scientific conference «Regulation of plant growth and development: physiological- biochemical and genetic aspects» Kharkov, Ukraine, October 11–13, 2011 188
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