Vol. 20 (№1100)

To the centenary of the professor Vladimir Mitrofanovich Arnoldi Biological Station 7
Boiko N.S. Seasonal development of introduced yews (Taxus L.) populations in the conditions of the State Dendrological Park "Alexandria" 17
German O.Yu., Dolgova Т.А. Researches on plant cytophysiology and radiation genetics at the biological station of V.N.Karazin Kharkov National University 22
Grevtsova G., Kalashnikova L. Morphology of fruits and seeds of rare species of woody plants in conditions of the Dendrological Park «Alexandria» of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 29
Kostenko V.V., Filiponenko N.S., Grigor’yev D.S., Vorobyova L.I. The influence of pigment mutations on some behavior traits of silkworm stocks 36
Kotyuk L.A. The influence of sowing time on the productivity of Dracocephalum moldavica at its introduction in Zhytomyr Polissya 41
Kulikova O.V., Zamorov V.V., Kucherov V.O., Radionov D.B. The genetic structure of Neogobius melanostomus (Pallas) from Odessa region reservoirs 47
Prystalov A.I., Bondar I.N., Polulyakh A.A., Likhovskoy V.V. Viticulture of Sloboda Ukraine: history, problems, prospects for establishing and preservation of collections 53
Revunova L.G., Rakhmetov D.B. Biological and morphological features of introduced lawn grasses in the conditions of M.M.Gryshko National Botanical Garden 61
••• MYCOLOGY •••
Malanyuk V. Species diversity and ecological features of agaricoid and boletoid basidiomycetes of forest phytocenoses in Halych National Naturе Park 69
Pirko N.N., Novozhylov D.О., Doroshkevich N.V., Krasnopiorova O.E., Galkina V.S., Pirko Ya.V. RAPD-analysis of natural isolates of the fungus Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.: Fr.) Kummer 76
Atemasova T.A., Atemasov A.A., Devyatko T.N. The characteristics of white-collared flycatcher nesting at the southern boarders of Forest-Steppe zone 81
Banik M.V., Korshunov A.V. Terrestrial vertebrates of Ukrainian part of Siversky Donets river basin: current state, trends of changes in numbers, and protection problems 91
Brusentsova N.A. Badgers (Meles meles L.) sett systems in the National Natural Park "Gomilshanski lisy" 104
Vedenina V.Yu. Variability of songs in a hybrid zone between sibling grasshopper species of the Chorthippus albomarginatus group (Orthoptera, Gomphocerinae) 112
Goncharov G.L. Fish assemblage of river sandbanks near the Biological station of V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University 122
Domnich A.V. Changes of population number and habitat forming activity of wild ungulates on the territory of Khortitsa island natural reserve during the restoration period 129
Zamorova M.A., Zamorov V.V. Feeding of common bream Abramis brama in the Danube Lakes Yalpug and Kugurluy 138
Loza I.M., Didur O.A., Kulbachko Y.L., Bezrodnova O.V. Effect of earthworm (Lumbricidae) trophy-metabolic activity on pH-buffering capacity of remediated soil in steppe zone, Ukraine 146
Meleshko O.V., Korshunov O.V., Shabanov D.A. The study of three hemiclonal population systems of Pelophylax esculentus complex from the Seversko-Donetskiy center of green frogs’ diversity 153
Nekrasova О.D., Tytar V.М. Longstanding and seasonal population dynamics of the invasive species Harmonia axyridis (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae) in Ukraine 159
Rybka K.M. Time changes of fauna of mollusks from north-western part of “Male Polissya” from the end of XIX to the beginning of XXI century 163
Sergeev М.Ye. «Putilov forest» in preserving richness and diversity of the population of leaf beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae), Donetsk 169
Snigirova A.A., Terenko L.M., Terenko G.V. Free-living flagellates (Protista) of the Odessa coast (the Black Sea) 174
Terekhova V.V., Salniitska M.A. Annotated list of bark beetles (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) of forest-steppe zone of Left-bank Ukraine 180
Tokarsky V.A., Savchenko G.A., Ronkin V.I. Ethological observations of the steppe marmot at the biological station of Kharkiv National University 198
Usova E.E. Age and growth rate of green frogs (Pelophylax esculentus complex) of the Lower Dobritsky pond (Zmiyiv district, Kharkiv region) 204
Yakovenko V.А., Chemerska C.A. Production of zooplankton of Danube lakes Cahul and Kotlabuh 213
Asadullina G.R., Shkundina F.B. The analysis of dynamics of phytoplankton indices of rivers on the territory of Sterlitamak 218
Bezrodnova O.V., Saidakhmedova N.B., Nazarenko N.N. Plant communities biodiversity of the National Nature Park "Homilshanski lisy" 222
Vasyliuk O.V. Conservation of degraded lands and formation of ecological network: legal aspect 229
Voloshina N.O. Comparative analysis of flora of the Samara river valley lakes in Prisamarsky Biospheric Station 235
Gorbulin O.S. Ecological and biological characteristics of Ulotrichales, Oedogoniales, Cladophorales of the continental waters of Ukraine 242
Grevtsova A.T., Drabinyuk G.V., Kubinskiy N.S., Solodenko A.E., Mikhailova I.S. Current state of Cotoneaster populations in the conditions in situ in Ukraine 250
Davydov D.A., Daciuk V.V., Vynokurov D.S. New localities of rare plant species in Volyn region (Ukraine) 258
Dmytrash I.I., Shumska N.V. The demographic indexes dynamics of some Orchidaceae species populations at Halytsky National Natural Park 265
Dogadina T.V., Bezrodnova O.V. Regional ecological network of Kharkiv region – features of structural organization and direction of optimization 272
Doiko N.M. Flora of the meadow-steppe phytocoenoses of the arboretum park «Alexandria» of NAS of Ukraine 281
Zaimenko N.V., Pavliuchenko N.A., Ellanska N.E., Kharytonova I.P. Influence of drought on allelopathic, biochemical and microbiological properties of plants-soil-microorganisms system 286
Kazarinova G.O. Geographical analysis of higher aquatic flora of Seversky Donets valley 295
Karmyzova L. Ecological study of invasive Amorpha fruticosa L. at research biological stations within Steppe zone, Ukraine 300
Kyrylchuk K.S. Population structure of Medicago falcata L. at flood meadows of Forest-steppe zone in pascual and fenisicial loading conditions 305
Komaristaya V.P., Rudas A.A., Tatischeva N.M., Tatischev E.V., Rudas A.N. Ecological peculiarities of natural populations of hyperhalobe microalga Dunaliella salina Teod. in solar salt work ponds of the South of Ukraine and Russia 315
Konogray V.A., Bilonozhko V.Y. Peculiarities and main directions of vegetation dynamics on the Kremenchug reservoir area of the Dnipro River 324
Kuatbaev A.T., Duysenbekov S.L., Tairova S.K., Kaldybekkyzy G. General description and classification of natural grasslands in Baykadam district of Zhambyl region 330
Kucher О.О., Guz G.V. The methodology of Starobilsk grass-meadow steppe flora mapping 335
Lisogor L.P. Phytoindication characteristics of ecological parameters of abandoned lands of different age in the steppes of Right-bank Dnipro area 339
Nazarenko N.N. Ecological and coenotical structure of river right-bank (“pristen”) oak woods in Samara river basin 345
Nuzhyna N.V., Tkachuk O.O., Zuieva O.A. Adaptation peculiarities of wild roses to unfavorable environmental conditions 353
Rokityanskiy A.B., Gamulya Yu.G. History of research and structural analysis of aquatic and coastal aquatic flora of Kharkiv region 358
Skakal's'kа O.I., Skoroplas I.O. Modern state of coenopopulations of Pinguicula vulgaris L. at the territory of Buschansk botanical reserve 367
Khalaim O., Vyshenska I. Dynamics of gross productivity and respiration of grasslands in south-eastern Crimea under altered precipitation 371
Chorna G.A. Reproductive biology of invasive species of higher aquatic plants 377
Chuy O.V. Phenological development rhythm and growth dynamics of Pulsatilla grandis Wend. in ecological conditions of Western Podillia 381
Shynder O., Negrash Yu. Distribution and habitat conditions of Scopolia carniolica (the vicinity of Vinnitsa, Eastern Podillya) 387
Shkundina F.B., Shahrinova N.V. Phytoplankton of Lake Uzit near the Biological Station of the Birsk branch of Bashkir State University 393
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