Vol. 1-2 (№709)

In memory of Valeriy Gaevich Shakhbazov 5
Shakhbazov V.G. Quantitative inheritance and significance of genome energy 7
••• biotechnology •••
Shigimaga V.A.  Dynamics of electrofusion of mouse 2-cell embryo blastomeres 13
Barannik T.V. The influence of hemolysis on glutathione S-transferase activity in rat liver and kidney 18
Bezdudna E.F. Lipid dynamics in soya seeds and seedlings during germinating 22
Gamolina O.V. Age peculiarities of connective tissue cell sensitivity to mechanical load 28
Ganusova G.V.The age particularity of activities NADP-dependent dehydrogenase and cytochrome Р-450 and b5 contents in rat liver during oxidative stress induced by cobalt chloride 33
Zhukova T.V. Influence of mechanical stress - straine on same structural properties of collagen's molecule 39
Kot Yu.G. Role of complex Ca2+/calmodulin in signal transduction about mechanical stress-strain into connective tissues 44
Marchenko N.Yu., Marchenkov V.V., Kaysheva A.L., Kashparov I.A., Kotova N.V., Kaliman P.A., Semisotnov G.V. Single-stage purification of molecular chaperone GroEL by the affinity chromatography on a basis of denatured pepsin 48
Okhrimenko S.M., Gur'eva N.Yu., Kaliman P.A. The adaptation of enzymes of lipid and nitrogenous metabolisms in rat under oxidative stress caused by cobalt and mercury salts 56
Dogadina T.V., Gorbulin O.S., Gamulya Yu.G. Museum of The Department of botany in V.N.Karazin’s Kharkov National University 61
Rajda E.V. Algae of swamps of landscape natural reserve "Vishnyaki" (Poltava region) 67
••• GENETICS •••
Atramentova L.А., Tyzhnenko T.V. Genetic analyses of predisposition to osteohondrosis in Kharkov region 72
Volkova N.E., Nemchuk N.V., Vorobyova L.I. The parental age effect on Drosophila melanogaster mating behavior 77
Kulabuhova N.N., Medvedeva O.V., Vorobyova L.I. The influence of the mutations and heterozygosis on the some characteristic of behavior in Drosophila melanogaster 85
Marchenko A.Yu., Strashnyuk V.Yu., Kakpakov V.T. Effects of preparation VESB, containing 20OH-ecdysterone, on level of polyteny of giant chromosomes in Drosophila melanogaster Meig. depending on genotype 91
Fedota A.M. Genetic counsulting of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo as examples of multifactor dermatoses 98
Shakina L.A., Strashnyuk V.Yu.,  Shakhbazov V.G. Peculiarities of homologous and nonhomologous pairing of polytene chromosomes in the inbred lines and hybrids of drosophila 105
Shustikova M.V. Genetic and environmental determinants of aggressive behavior 111
Bresgunova O.A. The organization of the Hooded crow (Corvus cornix) communal roosts in Kharkov 116
Vlaschenko A.S. Roost sites of Noctula bat (Nyctalus noctula Schreber, 1774) on the territory of Gomolsha forest 122
Youssef Hani Roumieh Functional characteristics of organoltipic culture received from adrenal glands of the rats of different ages 134
Rudenko S.V., Wajdi Khalaf Jamil Madanat Modulatory effect of peptide structure and equilibration conditions of cells on peptide-induced hemolysis 139
Author guidelines 147