Vol. 34

In memory of Viktor Arsentiyevich Tokarsky 5
In memory of Yury Georgiyevich Shckorbatov 8
Zeleniuk K.V., Golichenko O.A., Shtemenko A.V., Shtemenko N.I. Further evidence for redox activation of the plasmid – dirhenium(III) complexes interactions 11
Nikitchenko I.V., Rybalchenko T.P., Barannik T.V., Pavychenko O.V. The effect of nitrogen monoxide donors on the indexes of cadmium-induced oxidative stress in different rat tissues 18
Okhrimenko S.M., Grishkova A.Yu. Effect of hemin and glutathione on some indicators of nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism in rats 28
Polokhina K.V., Babiy S.O., Golichenko O.A., Shtemenko N.I. Dirhenium(III) complex with beta-alanine ligand: anticancer, antioxidant and DNA-binding properties 35
Baranets M.O., Korshуkov I.I. Formation and self-maintenance of the population Hyssopus officinalis L. in conditions of the iron ore dump of Krуvyі Rih area 43
••• GENETICS •••
Gorenskaya O.V., Rybak D.V., Rybak N.V., Horenskyi H.H., Shckorbatov Yu.G. Analysis of Drosophila melanogaster reproduction and preadult mortality after the influence of microwave radiation 52
Ehyakonandeh H., Atramentova L.A. Prognostic value of markers in associative genetics 63
Alizade G.A. Mites of the genus Erythraeus Latreille, 1806 (Acariformes: Actinedida: Erythraeidae) in the Greater Caucasus (within Azerbaijan) 69
Katrushenko S.A. External morphological anomalies of the amphibians of the Kharkiv region 78
Kiosya Ye.O., Shuba V.V., Matsko Ye.D. New records of tardigrade species of Macrobiotus hufelandi group (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae) from Ukraine 89
Mansimova I.F., Alekperov I.Kh. Seasonal changes of free-living ciliate communities in different biotopes of the Agzibir Lake 99
Rzayev F.H., Seyidbeyli M.I., Maharramov S.H., Gasimov E.K. Forms and ultrastructural features of the lateral alae of the helminth Trichostrongylus tenuis Mehlis, 1846 (Nematoda: Trichostrongylidae) 112
Avksentieva O.A., Vinnikova O.I., Zhmurko V.V. Features of colonization of the phytosphere of wheat seedlings by introduced strains of Escherichia coli 120
Zvir G.І., Rizun Н.М., Hnatush S.O. Influence of phosphorus compounds on the formation of ammonium ions by cells of nitrogen-fixing bacteria Аzotobacter chroococcum VKM V-1272 131
Hryntsova N.B., Romanyuk A.M., Lyndin M.S., Ryabenko T.V. Morphofunctional rearrangements of adrenal cortex of adult rats at the experimental microelementosis 141
Avksentieva O.A., Batueva E.D. The effect of red light (660 nm) on proliferative activity and growth reactions in seedlings of plants with contrast photoperiodic reaction 151
Pukhtaievych P.P., Kukol K.P., Vorobey N.A., Kots S.Ya. The reaction of self-fertile alfalfa lines to inoculation with nodule bacteria 163
Sklyarenko A.V., Bessonova V.P. The content of water-soluble phenolic compounds in the leaves of woody plants growing in the area of sanitary protection zones of enterprises of the industrial region of Zaporizhzhya 175
Tymoshenko V.F., Zhmurko V.V. Photochemical activity of chloroplasts of isogenic lines (E genes) of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) under different periods of red-light irradiation 185
Author guidelines 194