Vol. 17 (№1056)

Ahmadov E.I. The comparative research of transaminase activity in the chickens blood, infected with Eimeria tenella and treated with baycox 5
Kolomeychenko G.Yu., Petrov S.A. Activity of seston polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons hydroxylase (the tropical zone of the Pacific Ocean)10
Kornil’yev G.V., Paliy А.E., Hlypenkо L.А., Ezhov V.M. Volatile substances of water-ethanol extracts of Helichrysum italicum 14
Salyha N.O. Functioning of antioxidant system of rats at the action of L-glutamic acid and cysteine at experimental stress 21
Semenova O.A. The activity of some dehydrogenases in tissues of Black Sea mussels under the action of heavy metal chlorides 26
Stepanets I.O., Kudryavtseva A.G., Kharchenko O.I., Voitenko V.V., Ostapchenko L.I. The alcoholdehydrogenase activity and bioelements content in liver of rats under alcohol intoxication development 30
Zvyagintseva K.A. Analysis of the flora of railways of Kharkov 37
Tokhtar V.K., Fomina O.V., Kovalchuk I.A. Analisis of structure of the railways flora within the Belgorod city territories 47
••• GENETICS •••
Bagatska N.V., Al-Anni Enass Ghassan Sweedan Frequency of spontaneous mutagenesis at depressive disorders in children and adolescents with a family history of mental illness 55
Volkova N.Ye., Filiponenko N.S., Krasovska V.V., Ryabukha N.V., Vorobyova L.I. Effect of the folic acid and methionine on Drosophila melanogaster fitness 62
Sivalnyova D.O., Atramentova L.A. A meta-analysis of deletion 2282del4 in the gene FLG as a risk factor for atopic dermatitis 77
Feskov O., Zhylkova I., Sotnik N., Fedota O. The study of correlation between chromatin compactization failures and sperm aneuploidies in men with low fertility 82
Chebotar G.O., Motsnyy I.I., Kulbida M.P., Chebotar S.V. Effects of dwarfing genes on the variation of traits of winter bread wheat lines 88
Gurbanova T.F., Mamedova S.O. To the study of the species composition of coccidia (Sporozoa, Eucoccidiida) of the gray rat (Rattus norvegicus) from different regions of Azerbaijan 96
Zhuravel N.Y., Lezhenina I.P., Klochko P.V., Yaremenko V.V. Monitoring of soil mesofauna on recultivated lands of Ignatievsky gas and petroleum mine (Ukraine, Poltava region) 102
Korzh A.P. Pyrrhocoris apterus as a bioindicator of the environmental state 110
Polchaninova N.Yu., Slutsky A.I. Addition to the checklist of spiders (Araneae) of Kharkiv Region (Ukraine) 115
Kharchenko L.P., Lykova I.A. Lymphoid structures of the waders’ (Charadrii) digestive tract 123
Shakaraliyeva Ye.V. Ecological-faunistic analysis of the fish trematode fauna of the Lesser Gizilagach bay of the Caspian Sea 131
Medynets K.A., Kiroshka V.V., Tischenko Yu.O., Bondarenko T.P. Influence of incubation medium composition on the level of follicles viability at hypothermic storage 141
Andriichuk A.V., Tkachenko H.M., Kurhaluk N.M., Tkachova I.V. Dynamics of hematological parameters and oxidative stress markers in Ukrainian warmblood horses under exercise influence 148
Kolot N.V. Features of stem cells at different stages of ontogenesis 161
Pakhomov O.V. Correction of reproductive behavior malfunctions of male rats with experimental hypogonadism affected by cadmium chloride intoxication by means of hormonotherapy and transplantation of interstitial cells suspension 171
Pogorila M.S., Zhegunov G.F., Sherbak О.N. The effect of the extract from chickens embryos on the state of intestinal microflora of mice at total single γ-irradiation 178
Tsodikova O.A., Kolupaeva T.V., Garbar K.B., Kirilova O.B. The application of the information and entropy method for complex assessment of the state of health of adolescents 184
Shamelashvili K.L., Loskutova T.O., Shtemenko N.I. Correlation of hemostasis system indices with lipid peroxidation markers in pregnant women with preeclampsia 189
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