The journal publishes the results of research in all areas of biological sciences.

The following materials are accepted:

- finished original works that have not been issued anywhere;

- description of original methods and devices;

- review articles;

- materials and reports on events of scientific life;

- book reviews.

Articles are published in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The text of the experimental article should consist of the following sections: "Introduction", "Methodology" ("Objects and methods of research"), "Results", "Discussion" (joint section "Results and discussion" is possible), "References”. Manuscripts are created in MS Word using the font Arial – 10 pt; paragraph – 1 cm; single line spacing; margins: upper and bottom – 3.5 cm; left – 2.5 cm, right – 2 cm.

The text of the article begins with the UDC index, followed by the title (Arial – 12 pt), initials and surnames of the authors (Arial –10 pt), full names of the scientific institutions, e-mail address (Arial – 9 pt).

Then the abstract is placed (Arial – 9 pt). The first abstract should be written in the language of the manuscript. Then a list of keywords is presented (no more than 10). Then abstracts (Arial – 9 pt) in English and Russian are given (if the article is written in Ukrainian), with transcripts of authors' names, translation of the title and corresponding keyword lists. Each of three abstracts of a paper should contain not less than 1.800 phonetic symbols.

Tables are figures are placed in the text.

References in the text are given in parentheses with the author's surname and year of publication. The list of references is presented in alphabetical order, first in Cyrillic, then in Latin. The list is not numbered. All non-English sources are translated into English, this translation is provided alongside.

Electronic versions of articles should be sent to the Editorial Office by e-mail.

Together with the electronic version, a printed copy signed by the authors should be sent to the Editorial Office.

On a separate page, the full names of all authors, telephones, e-mail addresses and full postal addresses are indicated.

The articles are sent to the reviewer who accepts the article for publication or rejects it. If comments are present, the article is returned to the author for revision.

The payment for the publication of an article is calculated as: 200 UAH – publication fee + 40 UAH per page. The payment is accepted after the author receives information about the acceptance of the article for publishing.