Vol. 16 (№1035)

In memory of Larisa Oleksiivna Krasylnikova 5
Biological Faculty: past and present 7
Content and methodological support of general course "Adaptogenesis in biological systems" 19
In memory of Andrey Nikolayevich Krasnov – outstanding scientist and science popularizer (1862–1915) 27
Ahmadov E.I. Influence of coccidiosis on amino acid content in chicken liver 32
Goncharenko O.V., Konovalova O.O., Goncharenko M.S., Mironova G.D. Effect of manganese chloride in LD50 dose on microelement metabolism of white rats 36
Zinchenko V.D., Goriacha I.P., Govor I.V. Luminescence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces boulardii yeasts under ozone effect 45
Kot Yu.G. The effect of fibroblasts deformation in culture on a molecular mass of synthesized hyaluronic acid 52
Lytovchenko O.A. Comparative analysis of the structure of the extracellular loops of the main outer membrane protein of serotypes E and K of Chlamydia trachomatis and their antigenicity 56
Gorbulin O.S. Ecological and biological characteristics of the green flagellates (Phytomonadina) of the continental waters of Ukraine 63
••• GENETICS •••
Bagatskaya N.V. Cytogenetic description of delayed puberty girlsiosis in Kharkiv region 77
Zadorozhna O.A., Chigrin T.V. Genetic control of sunflower forms with short petiole traits 83
Kostenko V.V., Vorobyova L.I. The influence of white alleles and genetic background on locomotor activity of adult Drosophila melanogaster 90
Zagorodniuk I.V. Mammals of the Eastern Ukraine: changes in species list and abundance since I.Sakhno’s review (1963) till now 97
Sidorovsky S.A. The fauna of crustaceans (Crustacea) and rotifers (Rotifera) of the National Natural Park "Gomilshanski lisy" 109
Tokarsky V.A., Volokh A.M., Tokarskaya N.V., Skorobogatov Ye.V. Renewal of beaver (Castor fiber L.) population in Left-Bank Ukraine 114
Shandikov G.A. Brief review of Antarctic tadpole plunderfishes of the genus Pogonophryne (Perciformes: Notothenioidei: Artedidraconidae) 125
Voyda J.V., S.V.Birukova Features of clinical strains of Escherichia coli isolated from different biotopes 144
Babenko N.A., Timofiychuk O.A., Hassouneh A.Kh.M. Modulation of age-associated changes in sphingolipid content in rat tissues by neutral sphingomyelinase inhibition 152
Goncharenko M.S., Martynenko I.G., Nosov K.V., Martynenko V.V. Methodical approaches to the estimation of adaptation of students with visual impairments 159
Eletskaya T.A., Vasilevskiy N.V. Digestibility of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract of cows depending on the level of raw protein and on ration feeding method 165
Iskra R.Ya. Hematology and immunological parameters of rats at action of chromium chloride and chromium citrate 174
Nipot E.E., Perskiy Ye.E., Orlova N.V., Shapkina O.A., Alexandrova D.I., Cherepanov V.V. Effect of 2-deoxy-D-glucose as an inhibitor of glycolysis on mammalian erythrocytes hypertonic haemolysis level 179
Pogorila M.S., Zhegunov G.F., Sherbak O.N. The effect of the extract from chickens’ embryos on the state of peripheral blood neutrophils of mice at total single γ-irradiation 185
Stanishevska Т.I. Character of the dependence of thermal cost of muscle contraction on the level of circulating free triiodothyronine in anesthetized white rats 192
Fougo Khalid Issa Mohamed Experimental study of antitumor properties of fruit and berry Fougo extract 198
Varavkin V.A. Modification of cell membranes permeability in the roots of red beet Beta vulgaris L. at action of “Etamon” and potassium humate207
Author guidelines 213