Vol. 10 (№878)

••• biochemistry •••
Budnyak A.K., Uzlyakova I.V., Chernadchuk S.S., Vorobyova T.A., Petrov S.A. The effect of lipoic acid on concentrations of ascorbic acid different forms in organs of black sea mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis 5
Dyubko T.S., Malyshev A.B., Tchoob N.N., Rodionova V.L., Kramar M.I., Gapon A.A. The effect of low temperature on the composition and conformational state of proteins of human spermal  plasma 10
Karpov L.M., Anisimov V.Yu. Activity of pyruvatedehydrogenase complex in organs of rats in different terms after intramuscular introduction of group B vitamins and their complexes 16
Kornilyev G.V., Ezhov V.N. The change of phenolic substances content in nectarine fruits and leaves during vegetation 21
Maksyutova N.N., Viktorova L.V., Trifonova T.V., Galeeva E.I. Production of hydrogen peroxide and extracellular peroxidase activity following introduction of salicylic acid into apoplast of wheat leaves 28
Moravska O.V., Vovk S.O. Changes of vitamin A level and fatty acids structure of general lipids in embryos tissues and in yolks of eggs of geese depending on vitamin E level in the mixed fodder 34
Polikarpova A.V., Persky Ye.E. The compared study of lipid peroxidation and antioxidative system dynamics at the burns with different nature 40
Tagirov М.Т., Tereshchenko A.V. Nutrition and main metabolic pathways in the developing chick embryo 48
••• genetics •••
Nefidova V.Ye. Some features of C-polymorphism in probands with osteoarthrosis 60
••• zoology and ecology •••
Voloshyna N.А. Dеsinvasion of soil by magnesium nanoparticles 65
Lukashev D.V.  Peculiarities of seasonal dynamics of zinc accumulation by mollusks from Dnieper near Kiev city 69
Tokarsky V.A., Petrova Ye.A., Miroshnichenko V.V. Current status of steppe marmot (Marmota bobak bobak Mull., 1776) population  in Belgorod region 75
••• Cryobiology •••
Davydova O.V., Kovalenko I.F., Gordiyenko O.I. Influence of temperature and protein-channel blocker on Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast membrane permeability coefficients for water and cryoprotectants 82
••• physiology of human and animals •••
Bozhok G.A., Sidorenko O.S., Kolot N.V., Legach E.I. Application of small intestinal submucosa for the pancreatic islets incapsulation at xenotransplantation 91
Bondarenko V.A., Zovskiy V.N., Nakonechnaya S.A., Bagmut I.Yu., Coba L.V. Dynamics of sodium and potassium cations content in blood and organs of animals in stressful conditions of xenobiotics 97
Bondar Т.N. Features of antibody genesis at experimental hypothyroidism 102
Kovalenko G.V., Kovalenko I.F., Linnik T.P. The mechanism of DMSO, glycerol and ethylene glycol transport across rat and rabbit erythrocyte membranes 109
Rudenko S.V., Shi L., Bondarenko V.A. Characterization of fast shape changes of erythrocytes in sucrose medium 117
Shilo A.V., Venskovskaya E.A., Lomako V.V., Babiychuck G.A. Changes of pattern of paradoxical sleep occurrence and its daily distribution in rats after deep hypothermia 130
••• physiology of plants •••
Dyakonenko G.Yu., Kompaniets A.M. Mitotic activity in winter crops seedlings after pre-sowing treatment of the seeds with agrochemical preparations based on cryoprotectants 138
••• information •••
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