Vol. 11 (№905)

To 85th anniversary of Valeriy Gayevich Shakhbazov 5
A word about the Teacher 8
Garkavenko V.V. Age features of the short-term thyroid lipogenesis regulation in the liver cells of male Wistar rats 15
Martynova S.N., Persky Ye.E. Model of ecologically determined nephropathy 20
Storozhenko G.V., Babenko N.A. Cardiolipin and phosphatic acid content in rats hepatocytes, exposed to palmitic acid 32
El-ta’alu Abbas, Kot Yu.G., Persky Ye.E., Ponomarenko A.N. Relationship between changes in protein-polysaccharide composition and biomechanical properties of skin 37
Gamulya Yu.G., Zvyagintseva K. The peculiarities of natural and anthropogenic vegetation habitats zoning in Kharkiv 43
••• GENETICS •••
Bilozorova O.А. Prevalent genotypes of Chlamydia trachomatis in patients with urogenital chlamydiosis in Kharkiv region 55
Bilynska O.V. Application of corn starches with high amylose content (mutations ae and su2) in nutrient medium for spring barley haploid production in anther culture in vitro 60
Gorenskaya О.V. Formation of the adaptability of Drosophila melanogaster at the chronic action of caffeine 66
Grigoriev D.S., Vorobyova L.I. Locomotor activity in Drosophila melanogaster stocks obtained from populations of different geographical origin 77
Zadorozhna O.A. Genetic analysis of the leaf-variegated sunflower form morphological traits 84
Zuyeva M.I. Role of SPINK-5 gene 1258G/A polymorphism in scleroderma and chronic lupus erythematosus development 89
Kuliev A., Rechitsky S., Verlinsky O., Tur-Kaspa I., Kalakoutis G., Angastiniotis M., Verlinsky Yu. Application of preimplantation genetic diagnosis at disorders of human haemoglobin 95
Montvid P.Yu. Chiasma distribution in anther diametrical sections of wild eggplant specie 105
Fedota A.M., Tkacheva T.M. Cytogenetic analysis of ichthyosis 111
Shkavro N.N., Radko A., Slota E., Rossokha V.I. Microsatellite DNA loci polymorphism of two cattle breeds 120
Guliyeva F.R. Reproductive characteristics of the narrow-clawed crayfish (Astacus leptodactylus Esch.) in the Mingechaur and Varvaria water reservoirs in Azerbaijan 127
Skorobogatov Ye.V., Solodovnikova O.V., Derkach M.A. Dynamics of numbers of representatives of Cervidae on the territory of the Natioanal Natural Park “Gomol’shansky lisy” 133
Utevsky A.Y., Utevska O.M., Boyarshin K.S., Utevsky S.Y. Polymorphism of the coloration pattern in the medicinal leech Hirudo medicinalis (Clitellata, Hirudinida) 139
Rylskiy A.F. Possible mechanisms of blocking the pigments synthesis in bacteria under protracted stress 148
Bilchenko O.S., Bilchenko A.V., Klapoukh V.A., Veremeenko O.V., Krasovskaya Ye.A. On certain characteristics of contemporary community-acquired pneumonia 155
Bondarenko O.B. Bionormalizer D5 effect on the some physiological and biochemical parameters of rat organism 158
Dotsenko O.I., Tkachenko V.O. The study of influence of low-frequency vibration on the activity of erythrocytes glutathione peroxidase 166
Kuzmenko Ye.V., Nikiforova N.A., Ivanenko M.O. Phagocytic activity of peripheral blood neutrophils in rats with different reaction on stress 173
Lesovоy V.N., Аndоn'еva N.M., Bublik V.V., Lesovaya A.V. Features of organization of medical and preventive care for patients of nephrological profile in the Kharkov region 178
Morenko A.G. Electrical activity of cerebral cortex in the alpha range in the auditory-motor assessment of aboutsecond time intervals in men 182
Rudenko S.V., Shi L., Bondarenko V.A. Morphological response of erythrocytes on changes of electrolyte content of the medium. III. Effect of monovalent anions 191
Samchenko I.I., Sirota V.V., Kiroshka V.V., Bondarenko T.P. Dose-dependent effect of ovalbumin and dexamethasone on the degree of allergic inflammation in guinea-pigs 201
Shkuropat А.V. Features of the functional state of hearing impaired teenagers’ cerebrum 206
Zhuk O.I. Water transport in plants 212
Yuhno Yu.Yu., Zhmurko V.V. The rates of development and the growth processes of soybean isogenic EE lines under different day-length conditions 217
Author guidelines 224